Hay and Straw Bale Sizes

We can produce and supply hay and straw bales in a range of sizes and types

Wheat Straw Barley Straw Oat Straw Oil Seed Rape Straw
Wheat Straw Barley Straw Oat Straw Rape Straw

Due to the construction all dimensions are approximate, and individual bales will vary slightly in size.

Conventional BalesConvential Hay Bale
Square BalesSquare Hay Bale
Round Bales
Round Hay Bale
30 x 40 x 100 80 x 70 (D4000 4 string bale)
80 x 90 (10 x10 4 string bale)
120 x 70 (Quadrant 6 string bale)
120 x 90 (6 string bale)
120 x 130 (Heston bale)
Round – 1.2×1.2m (4ft round)

We are able to deal with urgent requests promptly, contact us for more details.

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